Guide to Changing a Car's Wheels

Having a car is a great thing. Whether you have a flat tire or are changing your wheels for the winter, knowing how to change a wheel can save you a lot of hassle and time on the roadside, where danger is everywhere. Read on to learn more about changing a wheel safely.

The Steps to Follow

First, set the emergency brake and put the car in gear. Then, begin to loosen the wheel bolts slightly before lifting the vehicle. You do not want to unscrew the bolts, just release them. Lift your vehicle until the wheel no longer touches the ground. If you are changing a flat tire, remember that the new tire you are going to put on will be larger because it is inflated. After this step, lift the vehicle a few more inches.

Next, place the spare tire on your axle. Once stable, screw the bolts by hand without forcing them too much until they lock. Gently lower the vehicle with the jack. Once on the ground, remove and store the jack.

Finally, tighten the bolts with the wrench or cross. You do not even have to get up on the cross to tighten the nuts. Hand tightening is sufficient. If you over tighten, you may damage your rim and axle. Also, you will have trouble loosening them when you change the wheel again. There you have it, your wheel is changed and you can get back on the road.

Some Things to Consider

If you have to change a wheel on the roadside, be sure to put on your safety vest, turn on your hazard lights and place your hazard triangles 30 to 40 meters ahead. Also, make sure to remove the spacer if you have one.

Also, don’t forget that the bolts turn clockwise.Before changing the wheels on your car, remember to lift the vehicle and put it in neutral. Also, make sure to respect the torque of the bolts.