Some Steps to Sell Your Car

Nowadays, some situations may push us to part with our old cars by selling them. However, not all of us know how to do this and the steps to follow to get the best price. So follow this guide to know the steps to follow to sell your car with a good profit margin.

Pass the Technical Inspection and Then Take Care of the Appearances

If the car is over four years of age and was last tested more than half a year ago, you must have it tested. The technical inspection certificate is mandatory to conclude the sale. It is, of course, the best way to repair the small defects to be able to offer a vehicle with all the safety guarantees.

Thoroughly wash your car, inside and out, to make it look its best. Polish the interior plastics and small scratches on the bodywork with Polish . And of course, empty the glove compartment, trunk and other compartments: the car must be clean and ready to go with its new owner.

Update the Paperwork

This involves several important documents. First, the registration certificate (the famous “carte grise”). Secondly, the certificate of administrative status (certificat de non-gage). It attests to the absence of a pledge on the vehicle and the absence of opposition to the transfer of the vehicle registration document. Then the declaration of sales. Then comes the transfer code. At the end of the declaration of the sale, a transfer code is given to you. And finally the insurance.

Set the Right Price

Many specialist websites now offer to estimate the resale price of your vehicle. Depending on its condition (very good or rather deteriorated) and certain more subjective criteria (unusual color for example), you may have to adjust the price up or down by 10 to 20%. Test your ad for a few days or weeks at the desired price before lowering it if you are not successful. If you are going to sell your car, make sure to check the paperwork and do the technical inspection.